Websites is the collective term for all places on the web. What does that mean? It is important to understand the concept of websites before we move on to talk about websites. 

A website is a collection of webpages on the Internet, approachable via a domainname. A website is published via a webserver. 

So does that mean a webshop also is a website? Sure! Is that also true for my online blog? Yes, also your blog is a website.

Thus, it is important to understand that the concept of a website is more than only one specific lay-out or type of content. Website is the collective term for all these different manifestations, appearances and types of content.

Padgin develops all of those, it just comes down to the question what you are searching for! Of course, we are pleased to help you in this search. By combining our services, we can provide all kinds of different websites. A range from short webpages about a person to extensive webshops to blogs with hundreds of pages: we build them all! 

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