Growing is something we do together. Together we ensure the best results by combining techniques and making smart data. A webshoporder needs to be processed by the magazine, the customer service needs to be able to address and process questions and as a data-analyst or boss you want to know who ordered what at which time. By means of this information, you can optimize and grow further. That's what we do together!

As a component of this smart system we developed an ordersystem that is part of our CRM (Customer Relation Management system) and our webshop system. In this system you have the following possibilities:

  • Automated mailing with customers, suppliers, transporters and administrators
  • Automated booking
  • Smart connections with webshops
  • Storage in the cloudAccessible via a free app

Automatische mailing

The system automatically emails the proper information to:

  • The customer
  • The supplier
  • The transporter
  • The accountant

Automated order PDF's generation

The PDF's that are generated and emailed automatically are:

  • order confirmations
  • quotations
  • packing slips
  • invoices

Automated orders at the supplier

Due to before hand preperation of several mailtemplates per supplier, placing an order at the supplier only is a matter of a click of the button.

Ultimate aftercare

By processing the customer data - obviously after approval of the customer - we can involve the customer in newsletters, send automated review request after orders and recall earlier orders easily in the future.

Everything in the cloud, always accessible

All data is safely stored online. In this way you can access it always and everywhere, also via the app. 

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