Web-Lease becomes Padgin

Web-Lease originated from the idea to create a tool in which high-quality websites are developed in no time and the customer can maintain the website himself on the basis of monthly costs. The tools are updated monthly so that the websites/webshops never become outdated.

Due to the increasing demand for content, marketing and Corporate identity, we felt that it is no longer appropriate to work by the name “Web-Lease”. In the future we will focus on customization, marketing and design.

The work initiated by Web-Lease will continue to exist. Padgin will still create and maintain all websites in the portal (formerly known as Web-Dock). The portal, and all the tools in it, will continue to be updated and updated.

What will change for existing customers?

Nothing at all.

Why no more Web-Lease?

In recent years we experienced several challenges with the name Web-Lease. Apart from the fact that we only own the domain name as .nl and with a dash, the term Lease is still often linked to cars or high, fixed costs.

This while a website always involves hosting and maintenance costs. Because we can offer all this in one package and develop all websites via a homemade portal, we can keep prices competitive. However, this was not perceived as such for outsiders by the term "lease".

In addition, we found, as mentioned above, that Web-Lease no longer covers the load when we start working more with online and offline marketing, design and content. That's because these services go far beyond the web.

So a new concept!

But where do you start? A new mission, a new vision, a suitable, future-proof name and a fully-fledged house style were the first things we focused on recently.

Because we are a few years further, have gained more experience and have taken all the time to chart the new course, we proudly present “Padgin”.

Do you want to know more or request a project?

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