We are living in an era in which all data and information needs to be accessible via one click. We think this also should be applicable for the creation of data, concerning ordering digital items, making digital products and of course registering relationship related data of customers.

With a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system this is possible. But which one do you choose? There are different systems available. Branchespecific, productspecific and obviously common ones.

To our minds, it is important to register data in a smart way. This means all data is connected and can be used as big-data in the future. 

In a CRM system you can register customers, but also create projects, register hours, keep track of your businessagenda and many more. This information is accessible online in the cloud. You can see it in an app or on a website. Of course, it is exciting as well to let your customers be able to make appointments via the website and to see these automatically in your agenda. And what do you think of orders that are connected to a customer automatically via the webshop?

This is the service we realize. With the CRM system of Padgin you can manage all your relations in one place, in our portal.


Manage your relationships in an easy way online. Specify per company that is in your system who is working there, what their tasks are and all further information you can expect to find in a CRM. 


Connect actions to all of your relations in your customerfile. Distribute tasks to colleagues and sychronize these with your agenda. 


All your tasks in one easy overview, so that you can see what today will be like precisely.


Take notes of conversations and connect these to customers, so that is always is clear what is said when.


Connect the CRM to your webshop, causing every customer to appear in it automatically. Even in 10 years you will know what was ordered today!

Online accessible

Use Web-Dock to create and watch data. Web-Dock also has a free app which you can use unlimitedly where and when you like.

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