Content Management System

A Content Management Systeem (CMS), it probably sounds familiar to you. What is it exactly, a CMS?

A CMS is a system that manages content, just as the name already says. This can be content on an app or platform, but most of the time it concerns a website or webshop. By using a CMS you are enabled to manage content yourself. This basically means you can add, adjust or delete content. Content can vary from texts to images and videos. Obviously, you want this management to be as extensive and easy as possible.

There are a lot of open-source CMS systems. Only think of Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, etc. All those systems have their up- and downsides. We weighed these out against each other in the past and this is way we decided on building a CMS system ourselves. Our system is in development since 2016.

The aim of our CMS system is making the management for you as easy as possible. We like to see our customers think along about functionalities and potential improvements. In our CMS system you can find the following possibilities:


Regular updates of the entire CMS-system to improve safety, speed and functionalities for all connected websites and webshops and for our CRM and ordersystem.

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