De Baat Bedden

Webdesign and findability De Baat Bedden

De Baat Bedden is a bed and concept store in Beneden-Leeuwen. The store, which located in De Agave, offers a great variety of beautiful brands and luxury accessories. Anyone can get inspired at De Baat Bedden to create a splendid bedroom.

The experience the owner has build up over the years now provides him with the ability to give perfect sleep advice to everybody visiting his store.


Webdesign and findability De Baat Bedden

De Baat Bedden was launched in 2021. Since this is quite recent, De Baat Bedden yet had to make itself visible as a new store in the region. Among other things, this is achieved by creating a website that can be found on Google for potential customers in the region.

By firstly determining which region De Baat Bedden wants to serve, we created various landingpages that match these wishes.


The website scores a no. 1 position in Beneden-Leeuwen. This result will spread over the region as time goes on.


In the future, we will continue to expand the region of findability for De Baat Bedden, so that the store gets optimal brand awareness.

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