Zin in! Kids Conceptstore

POS integration for webshops.

Zin in! Kids Conceptstore is a children's clothing store in the center of Geldermalsen, a small town in the Netherlands. To sell clothes online the store has a webshop. This webshop exists for some years already. Via the webshop items are sold in the region, but also further away. The old webshop was already connected to the cash register, but this connection was not safe anymore and did not work at its best. 


Develop an easy and secure integration with POS.

What do you do if all products are in your cash register and you want to start a webshop? Start typing and upload images to fill your webshop? Our customer wasn't so excited about doing it that way, especially since they already had a webshop with products that were connected to their easyPOS cash register. 

The cash register

In the clothing industry there are a number of big POS suppliers. easyPOS, located in Schijndel, is one of them. Zin in! Kids Conceptstore uses their POS system. An easyPOS programmer made an integration between this cash register (in the store) and the old webshop. In the meantime easyPOS has realized an API connection.

The connection

The API connection of easyPOs is developed including documentation. By maintaining contact with the technical department of the POS supplier, Padgin has realized a safe, fast and fully automatical connection between the cash register and the webshop. This means that the webshop shows its live stock, orders are printed automatically in the store and conversion can be optimized. 

The webshop

Since the products scanned at the cash register are loaded into our databases via the POS connection, we can make our webshops as required. We have also realized this for Zin in! Kids Conceptstore, taking their existing corporate identity into account. Due to Padgin's Content Management System, their webshop is a dynamic composition on which you can regularly find new information. 


Due to the automatic POS integration products and live stock are shown on the webshop. Customers don't miss out on stock and the process is fully automated. Adding of new products doesn't ask for extra time or actions since products are managed in one portal


The POS integration is a dynamic API connection that grows with time. In this way, the connection can be expanded and obviously maintained as time evolves. Safety updates and speedimprovement can be implemented by the development team of Padgin.

“Great company! Professional, creative and especially very helpful and cooperative with the customer. Besides, a very pleasant collaboration ”

Karin van Mook - owner Zin in! Kids Conceptstore

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