Rotary Nederland

Platform development first E-Club in the Netherlands

Rotary is an international serviceclub. Members of Rotary share interests and are eager to work for good purposes for society. Thousands of Rotarians in the Netherlands develop the greatest activities for fellow humans, often in the area and behind the scenes.

Since 2022 the first E-Club of the Netherlands exists, internationally more E-clubs exist already at that moment. In order to be an E-club, a platform is needed to share content. Padgin has developed this platform for the first ever Dutch E-club.


Building of a safe platform to be able to share content by and with members and visitors.

In order to be an E-club of Rotary International, a platform is needed to share content. Members can view this content, but also need to be able to react on it. With this information in mind, the initiators of the first ever Rotary E-club in the Netherlands came to Padgin. 

The website

To reach people digitally a few things are required. One of those things is a website. The E-club website is made by the designers of Padgin. The website is published in English because of the global nature.


By blogging, the website provides and distributes information on different meetings and speakers. Members can in turn react on this once they are logged in via their account. Accounts can only be added by the board. To give guests the opportunity to react as well, it is possible to place a guest reaction under blog posts.


Via the platform developed by Padgin, Rotary E-club can officially start in the Netherlands.


The platform used by Rotary will expand in the future. Development never comes to a halt. Padgin guarantees safety updates and functional improvements to the platform.

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