Slaapspecialist van der Schuit

Improvements in order and customer process handling.

Slaapspecialist van der Schuit is a bed shop located in Geldermalsen, The Netherlands. Slaapspecialist van der Schuit reaches many customers across The Netherlands because of the visibility on Google.

As Slaapspecialist van der Schuit says: “The team of Slaapspecialist van der Schuit has the mission to make every customer happy”. Therefore it is important to optimize the order process from the “orientation” phase up to aftercare.


Improvements in order and customer process handling.

We have developed a system for Slaapspecialist van der Schuit in which orders are created and the processing thereof is initiated. This includes various automated components.

Create order

Slaapspecialist van der Schuit receives an order via the store or via the webshop. This is entered into the system, which takes into account all ease of use, such as the automatic completion of a product with all the information that goes with it. All kinds of information can be linked to the order, such as product type, seller and any other note you would like to give it. In this way it is easy to show what the turnover is per category or seller.

Send order confirmation

After the order has been created, the system will use the information entered with the order to send the customer an email with all the explanations and with the order that has been placed. This way the customer can see what he/she has ordered and check whether the order has been processed correctly.

Register carrier (if necessary)

In the case of Slaapspecialist van der Schuit, beds and cupboards are ordered and delivered to a warehouse of an external carrier. To inform the carrier of the order, this order confirmation (with important information as payment method) will be shared. In this way, the transporter is also informed when he can expect delivery.

Track & Trace

Shipment of loose pillows, fitted sheets and other products that are sent by post, are communicated with the customer via an automated mail with a Track & Trace code. This allows the customer to know that the product is on its way and when he/she can expect the product.

Pickup Confirmation

Some products can be picked up directly in the store. In this case too, the customer will receive an automatic e-mail with the notification that the product is ready and can be picked up.

Generate invoice

The system automatically converts the order into an invoice. The invoice can be downloaded with or without layout. The plain version is intended to be printed on invoice paper designed for Slaapspecialist van der Schuit.

Email invoice

In addition, it is of course important that the invoice reaches the customer and is entered in the administration. This process is of course also automatic. The customer receives the email with the invoice and the invoice is also emailed to Basecone, which automatically processes the invoice in Exact.

Fulfill order

All necessary steps have been completed and the system clearly indicates that this is the case. This makes it clear which orders still require attention and which do not.


Customers are simply and clearly informed about their order and experience this as very pleasant. In addition, incorrectly ordered products are almost excluded by this system. Orders are processed faster and better. This saves time and money, which can be spent on more important matters so that Sleep Specialist van der Schuit can also grow.


In the future, this system will also ensure that the entered product is ordered from the correct supplier. As a result, Slaapspecialist van der Schuit is relieved of the entire ordering process as much as possible.

“Padgin helps us in a targeted manner, communicates clearly and does what she says!”

Frank van der Schuit - Owner Slaapspecialist van der Schuit

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