Padgin is a mixture of padding and margin. Padding basically means filling up, margin has everything to do with space. Padgin gives you the space to grow and gives adding to online & offline communication for your organization.

As you can see from our corporate identity, Padgin presents itself as black-white. This is not without reason. We do not bother you with cliche terms as: enthousiastic, passion, specialized, etcetera. We just are a down-to-earth team that stands by clarity and we can't find ourselves in grey areas and nice talks. This is not because it is our aim, but it is because we are that way.

In this way we also approach our cases. We are pleased to get to know our customers and to know their aims. Based on the information we get, we can do research to the possibilities. We always communicate this to our customers and will take actions transparantly. That is why you always get what you expect from us.

Pidgin is a word that resembles the name Padgin a lot. Pidgin is a language that arises once you bring different people or groups together that do speak the same language. These people will start to communicate causing a ‘new language’ to evolve.

This also perfectly fits us. Since we are creating one clear language between online & offline communication, we are bringing two aspects together to form your identity. Your identity will than be easy to follow by the target audience.